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Exactly. That was what I was getting at, too. Problem is even worse when the media hyper-reports on the "bad apples" to the point that it makes them ALL look bad. When that is far from the case in actuality. It's more a reflection of our country's mindset of what's "trending" in media, than it is of police in general. When we keep showing primarily the bad side of the job- ie, the ones who either abuse authority or make snap decisions based on racial bias- it only reinforces the view of minorities that all police are "out ot get them". It's a vicious circle that needs to stop.
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Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
I don't know how to explain statistics to you to make you understand that if black people, who make up a considerably smaller percentage of the US population, face far greater rates of police intervention, brutality, and shootings than other races, that there is some type of disparity there. I guess you're placing the blame on black people themselves, saying that they're bringing it on themselves rather than seeing it as a result of the modern police force being an extension of runaway slave patrols or protection rackets.

Don't worry, I read your posts in their entirety. You're saying that black people are disadvantaged so let's increase "proper community resources", which to me just sounds like you want to increase police presence and enact things like curfew laws or stop-and-frisk policies.

Yes, "all lives matter". But the whole point of the Black Lives Matter movement is that black people are killed by police at a disparate rate, while white people in similar situations are typically brought in alive, taken down with nonlethal means. Yes, some white people have been shot by the police. There's that terrible video of the guy in the hotel who allegedly pointed something out of the window and was crawling towards the office on his hands and knees and then the cop shot him anyways (warning, the video is disturbing). That is unacceptable. But still, the fact is that black people are shot at far greater rates. They got shot walking down the street, minding their own business, shopping at Walmart, even for having a broken taillight. Unacceptable.

Alright well, I'm not going to continue trying to explain complex sociological issues to somebody who doesn't believe in evolution. I wish you all the best in this thread, I'm going back to the comics subforum.
I am going to try explain this one more time. My claim is that this is police killing is not only a black person problem, Police killings are over exaggerated and media and others are trying to make this cop vs black, but its not. My point it is bc Black people statistically commit more crimes compared to their population they have a higher police interaction rate which leads to more opportunities for something bad to happen. Here are the stats for what is really going on.
This is the amount of police killings versus arrest broken down by race.

Black .0101% per arrest
White .0080% per arrest
Latino .0150% per arrest

SO FOR THE RECORD LATINOS ARE THE MOST LIKELY RACE/ETHNICITY TO BE KILLED BY LAW ENFORCEMENT!! NOT AFRICAN-AMERICANS!!! The incidence rate is actually closer to that of Whites!!!!! Compared to Latinos. But I am curious how many of you have heard calls for intervention for the Latino community??
This is a issue for all race, but also lets remember that incidence rates are very low statistically, but we can still do better and we need to strive for better.
I agree with Plastron Cafe and MSMARVELDUCKIE. We need better training for police.
sources for my stats
I broke down police killing by race and divided by number of arrest of each race.

Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
Prophet, I don't know where you're getting the idea that he wants curfews, frisking, or any of that bullhockey, or that he misread statistics. He has said nothing of the sort in any of his posts. What he means (and it's quite obvious from context alone) is that communities should work toward EDUCATING and COUNCELING and HELPING those of minorities in poorer neighborhoods to improve consitions so that thwy will not feel a need to resort to illegal activities to survive, and to improve safety and sekf esteem, which are really at the root of the issue. He is saying that people should be TAUGHT that police are there to protect and serve the community, and are not the "enemy", as is the current mindset. Cops should likewise be trained to treat such people just as they would anyone else, and to not be so quick to pull a gun out when facing minorities. How you can so grossly misinterpret that as wanting "more police and stricter rules for minoritie" is beyond me.

I know you have a lot of conspiracy theory ideas about "the Man", but honestly, most police are NOT like that. Most are decent people just trying to do a difficult and often dangerous job for little appreciation from those they serve. There is no police agenda to keep minorities down or whatever. We are living in 2018, not 1918. That kind of thinking is purely based on media-spun divisive propaganda at best, not real-world interactions between the vast majority of people with the law enforcement in their communities.
Thank you MSMARVELDUCKIE for reiterating my point it is not always easy to try to communicate in a sincere and proper tone or even get my point across in text.
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Five days late, but there is also the factor that the media likes to 'skew' perception towards a certain viewpoint, because it generates pageviews and site clicks. I remember the Travain(sp?) Martin case, the way it was 'told' in the media was a bit embossed with a bit of ah... artistic license. The way it actually happened however, as told by the guy in a book who did the actual autopsy, was kind of anticlimactic to the slanted story the media was cooking to stir emotional pageclicks. He also was annoyed at how much the media was making it hard to present the actual truth because they were deliberately trying to stir people up.

Basically the media wants to stir up emotions on this stuff because it's the gift that keeps on giving. They have advertising on the stuff you watch or click on, and they get 'paid' depending on the traffic. Very few people fact-check when they are angry, and angry people are very easy to manipulate.
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May you rest in peace, Antwon Rose.
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Apparently, the school that Antwon Rose Jr. attended had/has a history of police brutality.

Disgusting. Just ... oh my God.
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That may be true. But still, it's telling how nobody wants to talk about the fact that he had a clip in his pocket, or the fact that the car he was in was 99.9% likely to be the same one involved in a drive-by shooting about 15 minutes before.

Police may have been a bit overzealous, but make no mistake, this kid was no innocent snowflake. More than likely, he literally just tried to kill someone about a quarter-hour before he himself was gunned down. It perfectly explains why he ran, as well. Real genius move, there. I've had police pull guns on me; you shut the f*ck up and do as told. If you run, you may as well hang a big sign around your neck that says "I'm guilty as f*ck, please shoot me."

Whether or not the cops were "justified" in shooting him is a bit fuzzy, based on protocol, apparently, but it's 2+2=4 from where I sit. Gang member + Violent Criminal Activity = Short Ride, Bad Ending.

When violent criminals reap what they sow, I'm not going to cry about it. At least he won't be able to participate or assist in any more drive-by shootings.

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