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These are awesome hairstyles!


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The bottom one is pretty rockin
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When you're a bad conversationalist and your mom's old friends from several states away are, unknown to you, in the area visiting people and show up at your door and you have to somehow do your best to entertain them for 40 min until your mom actually gets home. Haven't seen them in years, haven't seen them all that many times in life beyond the age of 10 (after they moved so far away), so there's only so much I can talk/ask about personally... (Lord it's lucky I even recognized them at the age they are. The voices helped.)

And mom's friend had survived an aneurysm years ago, plus a stroke years later, so she's not entirely all there all the time and occasionally has episodes and zones out... so of course this happens (and it's rather strange) during the couple of minutes her husband had gone to the car to get his phone. Spooky... I had no idea what the heck was even happening.
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is it possible at all to win that stupid little 'guess the number' bonus game in 'Fall of the Foot Clan' ? it's such an odd thing that I all but forgot about it until re rediscovering it recently during a playthrough.
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