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They most likely passed as they had a new show coming.
Had they had an issue with the story it may be that it was linked to the apocalypse (though there was time before that happened to do stories, even ones that can link up but need to be directly a prequel)

Hopefully down the line they will let him do something like a DVD movie or maybe let him release this story in it another format.
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*throws a bag of popcorn into the microwave*

Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
No, you just didn't like it. Sometimes fiction has contradictions and plot holes. Doesn't negate its belonging to a larger body of work.
*gasp* How dare I not like it? The heresy!! Oh, what a world! Just because it was poorly written, with severely OOC moments, and disposed of the female characters like trash....what's not to love?
This wasn't a simple plot hole. This was a massive plot abyss into which the story collapses and falls screaming to its inevitable doom.

Jesus Christ. What a motherf*cking idiot. First of all, I said it was an arbitrary example, I knew it wasn't a perfect example.

Secondly... false equivalence? How about that retarded Tolkein example? Ciro was hired to create a new universe based on existing characters, not try to fit something into an existing fictional universe

Wow. This fool is really hung up on the legal aspect of this and has no respect for the creative side of things.

I don't give a sh*t what Peter said, as he's been wrong about stuff in the past. And the Mirage universe was so flexible anyways. But if the owner of any intellectual property says something demonstrably wrong, why would you side with them over the actual creator of the story? Stupid.

I'm also floored by their brain dead Star Wars comparisons. Seriously? There's countless contradictions between the PT and the OT alone.
This is something that should have addressed months ago, but work interfered. Better late than never. So, here it goes:
Nice. Insults, including ableist slurs. Creative side of things? There was no creativity involved in that special. It was nothing more than a lame attempt to prevent people from messing with this version of TMNT in the future. Also, Ciro is not the creator of TMNT. He is a showrunner/executive producer.
You owe EA Solinas an apology. But, I have little faith that one will be offered; her arguments really got under your skin, it seems. I think she won that argument quite handily.

I will. Enjoy your stupid scene of FW Bebop dancing as the final moment of this great show.
Actually, I think I view End Times as the final episode of the main storyline. That said, I don't know what I'll end my re-watch on. Perhaps "When Worlds Collide". Since production order doesn't matter...
However, I would gladly take a scene of Bebop dancing a thousand times, over a misogynistic, plot hole-riddled Fury Road knock-off featuring the Bearded!Raph, as well Nipplehead (aka, an extremely OOC version of Leo) driving around a wasteland acting like an idiot
Granted, the photo at the end was very moving. It felt tacked on as hell, but still very sweet.

Watching the turtle’s reaction to the ending of Cognard in ‘Dinosaur Seen In Sewer!’ makes me appreciate the shows final episode so much more lmao. Definitely the crew’s prediction as to how people would react to the ending lol.
In fairness, the initial reactions calmed down once people started pointing out the contradictions and heard that it's not officially considered "canon" by Nick. Then, most of those fans happily accepted it as an AU. Interestingly, the biggest tantrums actually ended up coming from certain fans of the special, in response to other fans pointing out the flaws or plot holes....or *gasp* daring to treat it an as AU or non-canon.

Originally Posted by Dejablue View Post
Oh man...Mutant Apocalypse. What a messed up way to end the series.

Its so sad! it reeeaallly canon?

Even if it is, I guess I can accept it. Sort of. At least the brothers are still together.
It's a cartoon. It's not real. You can imagine it ends however you want.

As to whether it's canon.....*hears howling in the distance* Aw, hell. This should be fun.
Officially? According to Nickelodeon? No.

Logically? No. It has fairly massive plot holes surrounding Renet and the future she comes from (see the episode "Turtles in Time" from Season 3). Then, you have a Mutagen bomb coming out of nowhere despite the destruction/defeat of the Kraang.

According to the showrunners? It depends. Ciro Nieli wanted it to be. For pretty lame reasons. Brandon Auman more recently said it's up to audience interpretation.

Conclusion: Once again, it's completely up to you. I happily take the AU interpretation. My headcanon? Raph wrote a self-insert fanfiction after a Mad Max marathon. Leo did not appreciate the accompanying fanart. You do what's right for you
For the millionth time, if people want to see the Mutant Apocalypse special as the "true ending", that's long as they respect other fans who prefer the AU interpretation.

Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
i'm really glad he's not. sounds like more stupid monster/horror fan fiction. this time a blob tribute. i can see why nick decided to pass.
Agreed. It sounds painfully bad (and I'm saying this as someone who enjoyed the first half of season 3). I'm seriously wondering if Ciro was losing it at the end.

**microwave beeps** **takes out the popcorn and starts munching**
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Who doesn't love a beaten dead horse?
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Did this guy really just respond to 6-8 month old posts?
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He was using Internet Explorer.
Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
The biggest villains were the censors. What they could do without being held back is my question. Shredder could've done more than blow up the Channel Six building. I don't mean as far as murdering Splinter, but think of the possibilities if censors were not an issue. Shredder and Krang combined had the biggest arsenal of any villains in all of the cartoons.
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Did you guys saw the last IG stories of Greg Cipes? He was at the Nickelodeon studio with Ciro Nieli and showing some things of what I think is the upcoming ArtBook of the show. Oh I really want to see more of that.
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Originally Posted by Redworld96 View Post
Did you guys saw the last IG stories of Greg Cipes? He was at the Nickelodeon studio with Ciro Nieli and showing some things of what I think is the upcoming ArtBook of the show. Oh I really want to see more of that.
I plan to buy that, October was the planned release for that, not sure it's it's still on schedule.
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season 5

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