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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Silly? Uh, no.

I believe it is more of a matter that we prefer different angles on it... indulging in folklore vs exploring the use of trickery that created said folklore. You want them magical (I guess?), while I'd rather they only trick their enemies into thinking they are (thus instilling fear and uncertainty and throwing them off balance). C'est la vie.
Okay, as a matter of taste, I agree, you are correct. What I was saying is, that saying the turtles CAN'T use ninja magic is silly. Not WANTING them to is perfectly fine. And I agree, it is a matter of taste.

Also, you are correct that I want them to use magical martial arts abilities. I'm a big fan of the shaw brothers mystical kung-fu films from hong kong, as well as movies like big trouble in little china, and other wuxia films involving magic. I'm also a fan of anime and video games with ninja that have mystical abilities, like Goemon the mystical ninja, as well as ninja in toku shows with mystical abilities.; like sentai hurricanger (power rangers ninja storm) and ninninger (power rangers Ninja Steel) non-magical martial arts shows/movies are entertaining, but less interesting to me.
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Hahaha. Cancellation? You must live in a parallel universe where TTG didn't survive past its first season. If that show lasted as long as it did, then surely a show that looks at least 8% better if you squint at it will do just as well if not better. Now something like Thundercats Roar I can see bombing quiet easily. If only because Thundercats isn't a long lived adaptable franchise like the turtles. And it doesn't have an entire king's library of content to explore and make fun of like TTG.

Turtles is a flexible concept. This could actually be an okay show.

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