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Are there any sort of personal rituals and traditions you follow?

Are there any sort of personal rituals and traditions you follow?

And I don't mean religious or cultural practices, btw. I just didn't know how to phrase the thread's title better. I mean doing certain things on certain months, weekends, days, etc. every year.

For me, personally, I used to re-watch the FW TMNT cartoon ever summer vacation up until 2008. I remember recording the entire series on VHS between 1998-2004 as it reran here. I had up to 26 VHS tapes of FW TMNT. But yeah, once summer break began, I'd go home back from my final school day and pop in the first season of the FW series. It usually didn't take me that long to fully re-watch the whole series each summer. I was usually done with it before the summer holidays were over.

Other personal tradition of mine for some years was replaying Pokémon Red every summer break as well. As in, deleting my previous save file and start all over again. I've done this often between 2002 and 2009, I think.

An I usually re-read every single Tintin and Astérix book during summer as well.

I don't do any of these things anymore or do anything specific that I know of anymore except for occasionally going for a period where I eat the same thing for breakfast or dinner.

But what about you?
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