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Most kids don't really watch it on TV anyway, the whole Nick show is online in numerous places streaming online legally.
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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Safe to assume you don't have the Nicktoons channel then?

I will never understand Nick's treatment of that show after a bit, letting it air/premier all of ONCE on the regular channel before throwing it onto Nicktoons. Gee, no wonder some kids might lose interest and forget about if, to them, the show doesn't even appear to exist. You can't sell your product if you're going to hide it from your consumer. Maybe they'll treat this next crappier one with the respect that the better previous one actually deserved.
I do. I just had limited interest in the series and even less in Rise of the Turtles. My TMNT interest shifted towards IDW.
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Ah, gottcha.
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From the few clips of them we've seen I really like how they "poof" when they're stuck. It reminds me of Zelda enemies, instead of death scenes they "poof" when Link kills them.
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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I prefer humans. I like robot foot too but when used correctly, I got bored of the robot foot in 2012 and wish they hadn't completely replaced the human ones.

Origan ninjas are awesome too, it's a nice change to keep things interesting and new. The best thing about robot/paper foot ninjas is you know they can slice them up all they want.
What was the point with Nickelodeon Footbots, when the turtles could already hack and slash the Kraang's robots into pieces.
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origami foot ninja, robotic foot ninja

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