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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
*GB I and II I totally agree with although I find it sad that the fans (the Buenos) have had to make the comprehensive doc the studio should of made.
Funny enough, the doc is way stronger in several key areas due to being fan-produced.

Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
You mean this?
COOL!!!! I didn't know it ever aired! Thanks for posting!

Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
But yeah they really should try and get the 1994 FF movie released properly. It's the best FF so far.
Have you seen the DOOMED doc covering the Corman movie? It's fantastic. (Pun intended)

Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
It was considered a flop. Also I can honestly say The Rocketeer is better than anything Marvel have put out with the MCU.
It WAS considered a flop, but is somewhat revered amongst cinephiles now. Citizen Kane also flopped.
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