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Refractive Reflections
Mad Scientist
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Good to see society having to make police shift their manpower to protect ice cream, rather than use their time effectively in saving lives:
Society consistently complains about the absence of love in society, but in a self-absorbed narcissism driven society, love will not germinate. It's because the purest expression of love is self-sacrificial behavior for the benefit of others, and who would want to make those sacrifices to their own detriment?
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I Married a Duck!
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Originally Posted by Mr Salk View Post
Knowingly, No.
But your average Chipotle might be just as bad from a cleanliness standpoint.

This. (10 char)
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Resident overthinker
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Ah heck, in Keller??? KELLER??? It's barely five-to-ten minutes for me to drive there! I probably can take a guess at which store that is!

I can tell you though, my whole stomping ground, Keller included, has a pretty low crime rate. And with Keller being one of the slightly more well-off areas as well, I'm not surprised that this would happen. Probably just missing a few speeding tickets/minor driving violations. There's a reason why so many people are moving into this area; it's wildly safe. I'd go as far to even say this is a publicity photo. It even says in an article that THEY did it as a joke. My guess is that they went in to do some shopping for the station and decided to take a quick snap.
Because...fvcking Keller.

It's probably in that nice Kroger too...

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Coola Yagami
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Last time I eat at McDonald's....

But then again if you really think about it, you'd never eat out anywhere. Hell, not even buying fresh food to make your own meal is safe cause who knows what's done to it before you buy it.

Maybe I'll just starve to death.
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