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Yeah!I decided to sell off two of the warrior trolls for double what i originally paid for them, & some other stuff that no longer interested me, and use the money for some space jam figures that i had been after instead, since i already have quantity, i figured i'd sell some of the items i don't care about as much and replace them with figures that were more interesting to me...these are the action figures i've gotten since i last posted:

'Space Jam' "Pound" (Playmates):
'Space Jam' "Mr.Swackhammer" (Playmates):
'Batman & Robin' "Batgirl":
'M.A.S.K.' "Sly Rax":
The black 'isz' from "The Maxx":
'My Little Pony' Birthday Magic "Light Heart" ( Hasbro ):

The problem is that since action figure prices are not so good here, and it seems the situation with imports won't be back to were it was a few years ago afterall, i've shifted to collecting other types of items now and i will be cutting back on my action figure purchases...
Here are the items i've gotten thus far:
Happy meal toy finds:
Plushie finds:
Vehicle (It's the "M-Pact" 'Air Avenger' apparently...any 3.3/4" figure like gi joes and so on should fit in it tho ):

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