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Tradepapers collecting

Hi Folks,

I've been collecting TMNT comics since the IDW re-releases which has been much appreciated. As a fan that never bought any comics until this point, it was great to see.

I just wanted to share my experience so far and would like to know what you guys are doing.

However, i'm finding that these re-releases are losing steam.

They just announced the Image re-release- so I imagine that should be good until the completion and also people are looking forward to the "official ending".

For Tales of the TMNT V2 - i guess there's no plan to release anything past volume 8. I was looking forward and realized that volume 8 came out on April 2016.... almost 3 years coming up.

TMNT Adventures Archie - i am so glad this just completed with Volume 16. Even though the releases have been sub par, doesn't look like they really care about this series (i.e. that last volume's cover art is so random?)

The IDW series is getting excellent treatment and totally deserves it.

The Rise of the TMNT... i am becoming wary of, based on the quality of the first few issues. I feel like will only buy the single comic issues rather than double up with a tradepaper. Similar to the Nick TMNT comic, I found that the quality was varying and didn't really need to doubledown. I just cancelled my preorder of the tradepaper.

Cheers folks
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I "re-discovered" the Turtles this past fall when I had the random urge to start reading the original Mirage line. I've started to branch out to the different series from there. Because I'm a bit of an obsessive completist, I've been using the trade paperbacks to help me fill in massive gaps, which has been great.

But, being that very same obsessive completist, incomplete or slow releases are like nails scraping the chalkboard of my soul. I can certainly commiserate with any frustration you might experience.
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yes obsessive completionist is exactly the sentiment.

I imagine releasing too fast would be a detriment to them, but yeah i echo your frustration. Knowing you can complete something vs actually being able to complete something is a very difficult balance.

So, here's to hoping that the releases start to pick up some momentum and we can complete our collections.

At the very minimum I will still keep supporting the single comic releases.

Also, welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Even though they've finished the main TMNT Adventures series, I'm hoping this isn't the end, since they still have the Specials and Year of the Turtle.
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oh yeah that is true, i totally forgot about that dude. In this case, i definitely hope they do one final volume to finish it off.

Perhaps they may even do a proper conclusion and "attempt a release of forever war". I'd love to see what that is.
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