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What Incarnations has IDW Not Taken From Yet?

Off the top of my head, IDW hasn't yet used the PD movies, Welsh magazine, the 2007 movie and its toyline, the US comic strip, Coming Out of Their Shells, the terrible VHS specials, the myriad original kids books, and maybe the video games. What else have they not used yet?

EDIT: Though not specifically characters, the following have been used for plot points: Image (Don as Metalhead) & The Next Mutation (Raph’s Motorcycle). The following have been used for Easter Eggs: 90s movies, 1988-1997 Playmates Toys (unless one counts the myriad characters that started there but showed up in Archie and Fred Wolf).

Edit: Don's "death" is taken from Vol. 3, thanks CyberCubed.

Edit: NOTE: International productions, like "Las Tortugas Ninjas", Legend of the Supermutants, the Fleetway comic, the Titan comic, Il Giornalino, etc. don't really count, due to the international copyright laws. Regardless, if you have suggestions for stuff from those versions, please discuss that here.

Edit: Raphael stealing a motorcycle may be a tip of the hat to Next Mutation.

Edit: An Easter egg of Jordan Perry has appeared, much like the Easter egg of a few toyline characters.

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