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Originally Posted by Xiewin View Post
2k3 is my least favorite Mikey.
Same here. But I haven't read IDW or watched the Nick toon, so I can't rate those incarnations of the character.

And I like to pretend the Platinium Dunes movies don't exist.
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IDW Mikey is really good actually. At least in my opinion.
2012 and PD Mikey were idiots Raph not so much, but he was a big screw up who didn't add anything to the team.

There's like a 90% chance this won't happen. But I really hope that they don't keep those idiot personas for Mikey and Raph in Rise. If they have enough common sense make Leo and Don intelligent, what's the issue for the other two? Makes no sense whatsoever.

"Waiting is the worst part."
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Raph and Mike usually become the comic relief duo of the team. Mike is usually the character they make more appealing to kids. As a teen and adult a lot of what Mike did in 2k3 was cringeworthy as hell, but I wouldn't be surprised if little kids loved him and his goofiness. The first time I watched the 87 series I was about 5-6 years old and Michelangelo was my first favourite turtle because he was playful and said funny words. As I approached my teens, Raphael and Donatello became my favourites of the show. And I think, to this day, Raph and Don are the two Turtles I prefer the most, even if I'm not a big fan of some of their incarnations. But at their best, I love them. I think it's because Don an Raph always came across to me as the most misanthropic or least likely to trust humans of the group, dunno.
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The versions I'm mostly happy with are probably:
1) the 1990 movie. The costumes were amazing, and I still think they hold up today on re-watch. Judith Hoag did a good job as April, and Elias Koteas is probably one of my favorite versions of Casey. It also had a good mix of humor and action.
2) the 2003 series (mostly the first 3 seasons, though). This series probably had one of the best versions of Leo (Mike Sinterniklaas was excellent).
3) the 2012 series. Fantastic animation and a great voice cast. This version probably had my favorite designs for the Turtles (other than the 2007 movie, perhaps). Hoon Lee was a great Splinter, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Mae Whitman's take on a younger April. I loved Leo's development, and Karai's arc. It had a good mix of comedy, action, sci-fi/fantasy well as some darker, more serious elements.

I'm just getting into the IDW comics, but it's been quite good so far.
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I think the FW series is great as it is although if I had to change one thing would be to bring better closure to the series in a more epic way.
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Out of these shows I'd say the 2003 series and 2007 film was almost perfect. I watch them without getting tired of them, well seasons one through four any ways.
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