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Mad Scientist
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What do you think is a good production budget for a new TMNT movie.

For me I think a live action TMNT film with a 50 million dollar budget is more than fair. Its enough for decent special effects, good locations and good casting.
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An animated movie (which might be the most realistic project in the near future) can be made on roughly 5 million, if it's 2D. So let's say a 10-30 million budget for a 2D animated movie and it could still bank on brand name recognition to make that back several times over. Then if it's 3D (which might be more profitable) it can be made on 30 but 75-90 million is recommended if you want to look fine.

Then there's the prospect of live-action, which is a bit trickier. Obviously you'll need special effects that can convince you there are mutant turtles in it. 125 million like the first Bay movie isn't bad, maybe cut it down a little? Logan was made under the 100 million mark but that didn't have that many special effects shots. Maybe it could be done on 80-100 million?
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Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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The production budget should be spent on what really matters ... the TMNT, Splinter, whatever villain you choose and the fighting choreography. I think at least 50-80 million is a fine budget to get something that feels organic, practical and real.

No need to spend incredible amounts of money on dumb, loud special effects. Create a good script and give us believable characters to latch on to.
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$300 million like Justice League with another $100 million for marketing. Then another $10 million to remove Casey Jones' mustache.
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Andrew NDB
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$100-115 million.
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
$300 million like Justice League with another $100 million for marketing. Then another $10 million to remove Casey Jones' mustache.

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Mutant Tiger
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It will probably be around 100 million, given the amount of money it cost to do the CGI, plus half of that budget is spent on shooting on location in New York, even though it would be cheaper to film it elsewhere, but if they wanna continue making it authentic, it has to be shot in NYC.

Don't know the budget of TMNT 1990, but that whole movie was shot in North Carolina, which dubbed for New York.

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Limitations breed creativity, but TMNT at least needs a healthy creature FX budget.
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Depends how they do it. Robert Rodriguez once said that if a film is $30 million the studio will leave you alone because it's considered low budget but if it's over that then the studios start exerting their creative control. Of course Rodriguez said that back in 2002 when Spy Kids 2 was released so you may need to adjust for cost inflation.
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I think a good looking 2D animated turtles film could be made with a $30 million budget. I mean, tmnt 2007 had a production budget of $34 million and its CG looks downright fantastic even 10 years later.

I love watching the Leo/Raph fight in HD.
Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
The biggest villains were the censors. What they could do without being held back is my question. Shredder could've done more than blow up the Channel Six building. I don't mean as far as murdering Splinter, but think of the possibilities if censors were not an issue. Shredder and Krang combined had the biggest arsenal of any villains in all of the cartoons.
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