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Your Help Wanted for a Fan-Made TMNT Documentary!

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts and memories about the TMNT for other fans to enjoy? You may be interested in a new fan-produced project that will compile the recollections, stories, and opinions of TMNT fans into a documentary that will span all aspects of the fandom! This documentary is meant to represent the TMNT from the fan's perspective, and will be distributed among fans and anyone else who is interested in finding out more about the Turtles!

Anyone who is or has ever been a TMNT fan can participate. The fans that have already shown interest in participating are looking for either audio or video footage of your recollections about the TMNT in your life. You can discuss the original cartoon series, any of the comic series, the new cartoon, the movies, the toys...whatever it is that relates to the TMNT and is meaningful to you. The more participation, the more interesting the final project will be, so if you know people who may be interested, let them know about this opportunity! For more information and to further discuss this topic, check out the Technodrome thread about the documentary here. Thanks!

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A fan-made Turtle-mentary? Sounds cool, Shreddy! ^^ I felt like I grew up with the team. ^^ I'm lookin' forward to it!

I support ShredderXMars! ^^
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