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2012 TMNT live on at 'American Dream' Mall

Just saw this video.

This mall in New Jersey is finally opening, and with an awesome Nickelodeon section full of rides. I don't know if it's a product of this place supposedly taking a long time to finally open and maybe because of that the 2012 Turtles were the ones it was based on at the time of planning (?) and thus have found a retirement home at this mall, or what, but either way... pretty cool.

Didn't note any Turtle specific rides in the video, but there is definitely a 2012 Shredder themed coaster. edit: Maybe they have their own coaster intertwined with Shredder's that might be part of/behind the Shellraiser display?

And omg that Reptar carousel... They include a number of old Nick properties.


Two of the roller coasters will be record-breaking, according to a press release from American Dream. The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shellraise' will set a record for the steepest roller coaster while a 'The Shredder' will hold titles for the world’s tallest and longest free-spinning roller.
One ride, the Shellraiser, will feature a 122-foot drop at an angle of 121.5 degrees, making it the steepest roller coaster in the world, the Global Association for the Attractions Industry reported. Another coaster, known as the Shredder, serves as the longest, tallest free-spinning roller coaster, according to
I'm curious if that includes only indoor coasters, or outdoor too.

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Is all this permanent?

I've never heard of indoor amusement parks, or amusement rides in shopping malls (except those small where you toss a coin and jump inside to ride in what resembles a vehicle, like a helicopter, aeroplane or spacecraft, and it just rocks a little bit)
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Yeah, it is. I think it is supposedly similar to a Nickelodeon section at Mall of America in the Midwest (and has that TMNT ride called Shell Shock), so this new mall is kind of the east coast equivalent.
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And it seems at Lakeside shopping centre in the UK - there is a billboard on the 2nd floor advertising the forthcoming Nickelodeon entertainment centre which shows various Nick characters (Paw Patrol, Dora, Shimmer and Shine) and the 2012 Mikey and Leo.
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