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Leonardo Mystic
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I am female and I've always loved the Turtles since I was a little girl. I also watched the cartoon nearly every Saturday morning. It was the first movie that really won me over and made Leonardo as my favorite for life.

It wasn't until the 4Kids' cartoon and finding this place that I discovered they were a comic book series first. I've since read most of Volume 1 and have been reading Volume 4 up to the latest one. I enjoyed them all and I've never been really a comic book kind of girl.

I can't recall if there were any games in elementary school being played, but I do remember all the clothes, figures, and such. I was sort of mad when I couldn't have a Turtles' themed party for one birthday. Particularly because my little brother had just had one a month prior, but also because my mom thought it was a boys' cartoon. So I was stuck with a Little Mermaid party and homemade cake.

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I'm not old enough to have watched the OT as a little girl, but even if I had been, I seriously doubt I would have.

In fact, if not for school, it's unlikely I would ever have seen a single episode.
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Wacky Action
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The chick fans are significantly more scarce than the dudes down here in my ankle of the swamps. Of course, there aren't many of either.
Live and let live... or go to hell.

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Dirty Blond
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I'm just glad to see there are much more than I realized. Even the subject of a certain and current locked thread is evidently a big fan.
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