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idw tmnt's Big Bad?

Okay, with everything that's been happening across the IDW TMNT comics thus far, does anyone else think Dragon Lord (Or IDW's equivalent character we've been seeing) is going to be the big baddie the TMNT have to fight in issue 100? Kitsune is trying to revive him, he's appeared multiple times in dreams and visions, and it's implied he's more powerful than any of the pantheon. Could dragon lord have manipulated all these events from the afterlife? Could even things on other worlds like Quanin's madness and the utrom empire's fall be giant chess pieces this eldritch immortal had been playing with, to manipulate the IDW TMNT world into a series of events to bring about his return? I wonder if the TMNT will be the happy unforeseen accident brought about by the twist's and turns of a cosmic villain's elaborate plan, that will be his ultimate undoing.
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