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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
That said, ignoring TMNT 2-4 entirely and just doing a "30 years later" sequel to the first movie (kind of like Robocop is doing now) would be far from the worst route they could take.
Yea...didn't work for Superman Returns however...that'll teach'em.

Originally Posted by Panther10 View Post
I might be in the minority here but I would kind of like to see the Director's cut of this movie adapted to 4K resolution. if possible. And please offer it as a trilogy. Those movies really have to be watched as a saga rather than just as a one off. (despite most tmnt's fans objections to the latter two films.)
What we really need is special editions of all three movies. Maybe Shout or Arrow could do it.
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Did You guys noticed how many shots from dailies are on turtle power documentary?
I think they had access to these by interviewing Steve Barron and they have a lot more of that.. maybe ?
Did they post here how they come to get these shots ? These are dailes from camera lens recorded to video camera, so all takes are there , deleted, bloopers and alll that.
Maybe we should ask them about that stuff and if they can show more.
On 1:20


or this entire vid
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