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When the movie is released next year, it’ll be the same as it always is. There’ll be people who like it, and others who don’t. And that’s perfectly fine and normal. Who knows, I might think it totally sucks! But I’ll give it a chance.
With the exception of the IDW Ross era, cockroach orgy April comic, and maybe some of the old toon series, I’ve been able to find some kind of joy/entertainment in just about anything tmnt related. I love the ninja turtles. I say to hell with Rogan and anything he says. I have hope that the new movie will be cool. Also that the toon series will be fun to watch. I hope the villains show is a hit. Hope that the new action figures rock, and will for sure buy a set of the turtles. I hope the comics continue and that new video games are released. And I really, reallyyyyyyyyyy hope one day we get a darker tone movie or adult tv series.
Remember what rise Leo says “hope is a ninjas greatest weapon”
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