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Originally Posted by italianice388 View Post
any regrets looking back?
No regrets really. If I had kept them, they'd probably be in a box in the closet.

One thing I did keep from that time is all of my old sketchbooks filled with TMNT drawings. Here's one from 1991:

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^ That's really cool! Thanks for sharing that pic!
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Almost all of my childhood collection is gone now. Sold some pretty recently too. I had nothing of serious value (unlike my ThunderCats Driller ).

I only have the Movie Star and Wacky Action figures left, because they were my favourites as a kid and have sentimental value (granddad bought them for me).

I have a few other bits like pins and the Official Medal Collection, only because they're not worth selling and take up almost no room.

Part of reason I was OK with recent sales and why I decided to not buy vintage ones is because NECA's versions are just so much better. Why would I buy a vintage Krang when NECA's is far superior and screen-accurate?
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My vintage started out as what was left of my old toys. Since I played with them as a kid they were open. I keep them on a bookshelf now. I may upgrade to a glass case some day. I have only added open figures to my shelf since. I don't have kids, but my nephew is welcome to play with them any time. He is always good with them, and they are toys after all. I do keep the accessories bagged and in an ottoman so they don't get lost.
I have always liked Cowa-bunga!

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I appreciate the replies and ideas, and some of the photos/artwork.

The reason I ask is because I myself am trying to decide what to do with my old collection.

In truth, I have only one figure left from my original childhood collection - Shell Slammin' Mike. Not because he was a favorite necessarily, he's just the one that "survived." Growing up, my bro and I were pretty hard on toys, so some wore out, others got lost at the lake at Grandma/grandpa's place, and a few others "went missing" coincidently enough around the time that mom had some garage sales...

But when I went to college in 2000, Turtles could still be found at places like KB Toys and Big Lots, so I was able to at least put together the original 4 and a few key other players like Shredder and the Mutants. I figured, as I said before, that eventually they'd dry up from store shelves and TMNT would have had it's day. I never dreamed back then that there would be so much life left in the TMNT brand, and it looks like (for better or worse, that can be debated in a different thread) there's much more to come for TMNT.

The figures I bought in 2000 were, to me, at the time, "high end collectibles." But these days, the NECA movie turtles line has more than replaced that in my mind and heart, but I still have a soft spot for the old classic Playmates Toys.

I've decided to keep them around, but my kids can ask to play with them if they wish. It's fun to watch them play with them and think that maybe this was what my parents enjoyed watching me do once upon a time.
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In a shoebox.
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