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Andrew NDB
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Amber Heard getting sued for 50 million

Johnny Depp is going after his ex-wife for falsely accusing (carefully without naming him) him of domestic abuse in the Washington Post, citing damages (largely, Disney opting to not have him in the latest Pirates movie, most likely because of the allegations):

The actual lawsuit here:

This is how the #metoo stuff gets shut down. With actual consequences for the false accusers.
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Shouldn't this be in Current Events?

Also, I don't know. I've been kind of "forced" to pay attention to this because my wife is obsessed with Depp, so I unfortunately have to learn all kinds of sh*t about him.

Among other things I've learned is that he's a fall-down lush with a quick temper, and also a pathological liar. Like one of those "medically incapable of telling the truth" types of people.

I'm willing to bet there were fights and that they got violent, but I doubt he was an innocent victim. She may well have gotten a few shots in herself but I'm inclined to believe her side of things. She went through a lot of bother for something that allegedly didn't happen. And he signed paperwork when they got divorced which stated that nothing she claimed against him was false; that's kind of important.

I care very little for either of them, frankly, but I wouldn't go so far as to say her claim is false. I'm inclined to believe that it wasn't.

His entire career's in a shambles and he can't hang onto any money, so this doesn't surprise me. He's been suing everybody lately, including his former managers, who had the audacity to try and make him stop burning through cash like it was air, and Disney was already very tired of him on account of how he shows up drunk all the time, and other studios don't want to work with him for insurance reasons, especially once the financial returns on his films stopped justifying his huge salary. If J.K. Rowling didn't have a crush on him, he'd be completely out of work. So this was only a matter of time, really. Guy's running out of options. That "Invisible Man" movie he was supposed to be in just dropped him, too. He's down to either "sue people" or actually get a job working the "Pirates" ride at Disneyland in-character.

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I agree, Leo.

He made his own wish. Now, he shall pay the fortune teller.
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