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There's lots of possibilities with Nick that the TMNT property might not have had with just Kevin Eastman. Plus the financial backing that Nick has can take them even more places.
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Refractive Reflections
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Originally Posted by rickwj324 View Post
I still can't get over the fact that Peter sold the whole shebang for 60 million dollars. The series and toys already made 500 million in 1 year and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.
IF Eastman or Laird were to ever buy it back, it would cost them WAY more than 60 mill! I doubt those two guys combined would be able to give Nick enough money to let go of this cash cow!!
If you are referring to the figures from this thread/article:

One has to consider that this $475 million is revenue (with the term "global retail sales"), and not profit. Nickelodeon has to deduct $60 million from purchasing it from Laird, the huge promotional costs for the series in many media formats, merchandise advertising costs, manufacturing costs (contracts considering the raw materials, labor, packaging, and shipping for the merchandise with the manufacturing companies), the salaries of all the employees associated with the show and the franchise itself, and I'm sure many other facets used to bring TMNT into the mainstream's attention.

So while the revenue is impressive by itself, I'm a bit wary to consider it such an "outstanding" success when there are no profit figures, and its a bit premature since we need a few years to pass by to forecast the franchise's financial trajectory. I'm sure it must be profitable, but the bigger question is how profitable? An entertainment industry analyst would have to compare its figures to other franchises and with TMNT back in the '80s and '90s (inflation-adjusted) to get a more accurate assessment of just how successful the TMNT franchise really is doing, rather than solely basing the success on the words from the Nick executives. ...But if anyone ascertains such revealing information, post it.
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Random Punk
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When any company acquires a new property such as in this case TMNT it takes a few years to really start showing profit. I'm sure TMNT will be successful yet again but as JYX pointed out you got to look at everything that goes into putting the property out there. It will be interesting to see how it compares to previous years of TMNT.
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I honestly think that the franchise would fall under the radar like it did in the 4kids era since Nickelodeon wouldn't get enough money do to its promotion like its currently receiving. The current cartoon and movie would have to be financed by small independent studios, and promotion wouldn't be as a good. Only Playmates would still receive the full support since they still have a good relationship with Eastman. The quality in away would suffer since all versions would be similar to IDW, similar to how 4kids, the 2007 movie, and Vol. 4/Tales Vol. 2 were all in the Peter Laird universe, and was only modestly successful.

The Nick OT wouldn't be much different (lots of mutants), but I feel that without Ciero Nielli we probably wouldn't have as good of as a knowledgeable boss to push the series forward.
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kevin eastman

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