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Originally Posted by Ninjinister View Post
Third set had plenty of new characters, brah. And I'm not sure why you assume Nickelodeon is to blame for set 4... that'd be like my fourth guess at why there's so few debuts.
I keep waiting for Agent Bishop. It just seems like several repaints and character duplicates. With the vast character roster its been underwhelming.

I don't know who is to blame, I was just questioning.
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It's very likely nobody's "fault"... I don't think anybody was like "okay let's only use/let them only use two new characters". I think it was just how the list happened.

Personally, since there's a lot of new sculpts still, I'm more peeved that they didn't do anything new with the Nick Turtles. We could have had Vision Quest Turtles, vs. Super Shredder Turtles, Larp Turtles, Mutant Apocalypse Turtles, Samurai Turtles, monster Turtles... if they wanted/needed Nick Turtles in there was always options for something new! Or even just new poses! And even if it didn't need to be Nick, we could have had Archie wrestling Turtles or 2003 Turtles or movie Turtles or something.

But yeah, speaking of 2003, they seem to be very slowly trickling out any clix in that series, so unless they go IDW it might be a bit before there's a Bishop.
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