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It's kinda funny. The 80's show went more into adding the toy characters and vehicles into the show. I'm not 100% sure but I think the Pizza by the Shred episode tried to cram in as many TMNT vehicles as they could. It was weird when the CBS episodes basically stopped and only showed the Turtle Van and Turtle Blimp.

The 2K3 one focused more on the variants, with them using the same bike/rollerblade/whatever else they used in the variants and stuff like the Prehistoric and Battle Nexus variants and whatever else.

The problem with the 2K3 toyine was once they made figures based on the 2007 movie.... they didn't want to go back to the regular figures. They started making variants of those (Alien Hunters) until the toyline died.

I don't know what happened. Like, can you imagine if the Nick toyline stopped making those figures and only did BayTurtle movie variants? I guess they thought the 2K3 and 2K7 Turtles were so similar no one would know the difference or care. But when it came to Nick Playmates didn't seem to keep the cartoon and movie toyline as two separate things.
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