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Coola Yagami
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Originally Posted by LeotheLateBloomer View Post
Oh, the ones with Starlight Glimmer! That's rather odd for him to show you those episodes as opposed to the first season.

I'd definitely would recommend maybe a few episodes of the first season over the others. You'll get more of a slapstick vibe that you wouldn't expect from a show like this.
I think at the time that was the season finale and he was super hyped and all 'OMG YOU JUST HAVE TO SEE THIS' but also showed me her first episodes for reference and bsckstory.
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Mutant Tiger
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Andre did a review of the movie.

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Mad Scientist
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Not surprised in the slightest that he went to go see the movie. He was going to watch it anyway, lol.
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Mad Scientist
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To be honest I was surprised that he went to see it. The last thing I remember him reviewing that is remotely MLP related was the first Equestria Girls movie.
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Stone Warrior
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Saw it with my niece on Saturday and we both really liked it. We both found ourselves chuckling and laughing throughout the run time and the whole theater exploded with laughter at the final joke before the credits. Heck, this is the first kid's movie I've seen without a poop or fart joke in years and it deserves an award for that alone. The music was catchy and while I didn't find every song amazing, none of them outstayed their welcome and I will definitely be singing a few of them to myself over the next few weeks. I wasn't overly excited about the animation from the trailers, but I thought it looked a lot better on the big screen. The scene of the Storm King rushing to the staff reminded me of Ratigan furiously running inside the Big Ben from The Great Mouse Detective and it certainly left me yearning for more movies with 2D animation. At the end all the kids in the theater jumped out of their seats and were dancing to the music in the credits, I haven't had this much fun at a theater in a long time.

The movie never throws any major surprises or twists, you can probably guess while watching what will happen from beginning to end, but it's the way they get to the end that makes it fun. I do have to say I didn't see what happens to the villain at the end coming, certainly not in a show like My Little Pony where most villains are forgiven and rehabilitated. Besides that I thought the way the ponies convinced the pirates to help them was too easy and I would have liked to see the Storm King more because I though he was fun, though I suppose that's a compliment to the movie if it left me wanting more, he reminded me of Hades from Disney's Hercules. Speaking of Disney, since this is a 2D animated movie with musical numbers it's undoubtedly going to get compared to their movies. I don't think it ever gets as good as say Aladdin or the Lion King, but I do think it's better then The Princess and the Frog.

Basically, if you've seen the first Spongebob or Rugrats movie then you can kinda guess what kind of movie this is. Not going win any awards or change anyone's life, but it's fun and definitely recommended if you can still enjoy 2D animated musicals.
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Big Blue Boy Scout
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I saw this movie too recently and I absolutely loved it! It was great to hear the cast from the show again, the new characters were fun, and most of all, that Animation was beaaautiful.

I plan on going to see it again, this time with some friends I know who are fans of the show.
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