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WB may possibly be considering Batman/TMNT Animated film

Yeah, it's pretty much nothing at this point, not even confirmation that they're considering it, but still, it's "news", I guess, and I figure, might as well have someone who actually read the story post it instead of something pretending this is "confirmation".

It isn't clear which of those versions the studio might be interested in pursuing -- if indeed they're interested in pursuing anything at all. With a survey as your key piece of evidence, it's possible that one of these items was a control question, or an "if only ever we could..." kind of choice.
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Might as well adapt the comic they made into a movie then.
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I wouldn't really be against it, I would be amused at hearing a cobra voiced by Mark Hamill, I just wish the adaptation would go a bit crazier than the comic. Seriously, for a comic that's explicity non-canon it didn't take enough risks.

Make Batman into a Man-Bat, have Shredder kill Condiment King, put Karai and Talia in a catfight, just do something ballsier than just give the Bat-Villains a temporary transformation.
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Most of DC's recent animated movies have been loose adaptions of various comic book material, so if they do this it probably will be the recent crossover from IDW adapted into movie format.
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Andrew NDB
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I admit, I'd probably watch it.
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