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I did get through nearly as many episodes. Each episode becomes roughly 15 minutes at 1.5x speed, so two episodes come out to half an hour. If you watch for at least 2 hours, you can get done with 10+ episodes depending how quick you watch them without breaks.
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Unless it's a how to video, all youtube videos are better at 1.25 speed and I'd say a majority of them can be seen at 1.5 speed and they work perfect.

This is especially true since youtubers try to hit the 10 minute mark since youtube promotoes those videos more and the more watchtime is better for your analytics/monetization so you end up getting the information so much faster instead of the youtuber dragging things on and on.
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Podcast for me I listen to at 1.33x sounds fast at first but I find my brain eventually makes it sound normal.

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