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Yo, again, the last memory isn't in Hyrule Castle. You'll still have another memory to find after you go back to Impa.
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
If you don't know, the painter guy tells you the location of every memory in the game. You first meet him in Kakariko village and then he's at most of the horse stables telling you where each memory is in each region. Nearly all the memories were extremely easy to find once he told you where they were, except one tricky one on a mountain in the Death Mountain area. The last memory is actually in Hyrule castle so you can't get it till you go there.

The sidequests are fun to do but it's a shame your reward is just rupees or a diamond or whatever. In previous games the sidequests/minigames is where you got all your Heart pieces from. But in this game you get all your Heart containers from the shrines instead, so the sidequests don't really give you anything useful besides money. Still they're fun to do and I always like helping the townspeople in every Zelda.

Besides that there's also 5 Great fairies to find, 4 regular ones and a obscure 5th one.
I do know about him, but thanks all the same. His advice has been helpful, but there are still some that I just plum can't find, even with his guidance. Like the two lover's statues under a tree near that bridge. Scoured that area 3 separate times...

Yeah, the quests can be a bit lackluster for sure. Not always worth your effort. There's that bow/arrow shop saleswoman who wants you to light a few torches with fire arrows, who only gives you 50 rupees for it. You can't even buy more fire arrows with that money! Tch. & yeah, the fairies, I hate that they want money this time around & don't even friggin' heal you.
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I know what memory you're talking about with those two small statues, it's a little to the left of a hill facing the bridge on Lake Hylia. You just gotta match your sight with what's in the picture so the landscape matches in both so you know you're in the right place.

The sidequests range from simple to kind of tedious. My least favorite one was collecting 55 rushrooms for one random guy in a horse stable, all he gives you is a diamond. Another annoying one was reading the 10 Zora monuments on the walls surrounding Zora's domain, you had to go find them all and speak to the old Zora. Thankfully beyond that the other sidequests are not too bad.

Also is it just me or are the children in this game adorable? I love the way they all run around, the two twin girls in Kakario, the boys in Haterno, and all the little Zora/Rito/Goron and Gerudo kids are great too. They make that "huff huff" sound when they run too.
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Well final game update:

- Completed the main story prior to fighting Ganon
- All memories complete
- All 120 Shrines finished (thank god)
- All sidequests finished (saw a checklist to make sure I didn't miss any)
- I got about 100 Korok seeds
- I bought all the different armor/clothing sets. The only ones I don't have is the ones you need Amiibo's to unlock Link's tunics from past games.
- I played the various minigames quite a bit

All I have left to do now is beat the final boss I guess. I can't believe I'm done with Zelda, my playtime is around 80 hours. I can't wait for the DLC, if Nintendo can add some good new stories or dungeons this game will be even better.

I guess it was worth the 5 year wait since Skyward Sword.
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Ugh...Skyward Sword Link's face is so ugly...

Anyway I'm playing Twilight Princess HD on wiiU. Amazing game.

The Switch sold out but I don't mind. I'm glad business is good for Nintendo. I can wait for new stock to arrive (hopefully they corrected the left JoyCon sync problem by then which affected some people at the moment ).

Jughead Jones was here. In a little town called Riverdale...
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My Nintendo sucks, what a terrible service, I miss the hated Club Nintendo, at least I used to get free VC games from time to time.

I finished playing Fire Emblem Heroes, it's fun even if a bit basic. I'm not sure if I'd like the real games though as I think they're a bit too chatty for me. I was able to get all the heroes I wanted through the orbs which is the currency of the game you have to pay for with just the ones that they give away for free so i was lucky. I wasn't willing to pay for a random chance of getting the heroes I wanted but after a while I finally got all the ones I wanted just through luck with the free orbs they give.

Super Mario Run also came out on Android and I like it, I really want to support the non-free to play model on mobile which I think should exist but I can't justify the ten dollars for it, especially since Super Mario Run seems to be the perfect game to be played in the F2P mode, it's almost frustrating that it isn't. I'll eventually get it on a sale though.

It's weird having Nintendo quality titles on my tablet but I have to say I'm liking it. They aren't half--ssing it.
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