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Originally Posted by Igglet View Post
Here's a very unpopular one, probably - TMNT Macro: Michelangelo. It literally encapsulates everything I love about IDW's TMNT run. The characterization is honestly at its best in this comic, not just for Mikey, but for Splinter and even Leo. The character development in that one issue felt more substantial and real than most of what we had gotten throughout the course of the entire run, which I don't say lightly. The tensions were there, the action felt cathartic and Michael Dialynas' art is so good that I'd let a piece of paper that he signs marry my daughter.
Hmm. Strong endorsement. I lost my lady to a piece of paper once. I'll check this out.
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Random Punk
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The Leonardo Micro is one of my all time favorites, no words just tension as leonardo fights hords of foot ninjas.

Challenges is pretty good too, Don and Micky storys are kind of boring but the rest are amazing.
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Mirage: Michelangelo One-shot
IDW: #5
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Nortock Diab
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I love Tales vol.2 #69 and Plastron Café #1 when I want to dive into the bittersweet future of the turtles.

And Tales vol.2 #70 which completes rather well the Return to New York storyline.

These are probably the stories I most reread.
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I originally chose Raphael Micro.... but now that I think about it.... THIS is a contender.

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I love the Leo micro issue, the contrast in style between Leo's fight and the Turtles decorating the tree is fantastic. Great storytelling device by Eastman and Laird.
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Red Robin
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Tales Vol. 2 #5.
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For me the best single issue is #17. I love ben bates art style, it really reminds me of the old box art. Wish we got more of it.
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