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Problem with another member

Sometime ago I sent another member here a complete set of Movie I Classic Collection figures to use as bases for a customization project. They weren't cheap. The idea was that he would make movie accurate figures like Splint'r is doing, I would put them on eBay, and we would split up the profits down the middle since I'd be doing the listing and shipping, not to mention I provided the bases out of pocket.

I was on pretty good terms with this person up until recently. After three months and some change with little to no progress made on the project, I asked him if he would send me four of his customs that he advertised here as "very easy to make" so that I could re-coup what I spent on the Movie I bases. At first he said yes, but when I told him I couldn't sell him seven figures from the 30th Anniversary Collector's Case (and the case itself) for $175 shipped because I would be losing money, he flipped sh!t and said he wouldn't send me compensation for the bases after all, nor would he move forward with the project (not that much had been done other than defacing my bases and making them worthless for anything except as fodder). He said he would just send everything back to me, but it has been weeks now and when I message him for an update on the shipment he just ignores me. He logs in everyday to post, so it isn't an issue of him not seeing my messages.

I really didn't want to air any more dirty laundry here, but I have never been much for being a push-over, and personally feel that this warrants a ban if my bases aren't going to be shipped back to me in a timely manner.

I will screenshot the messages exchanged for the staff should they be willing to intervene in this. Everyone else's comments and suggestions are welcome so long as things remain civil. I know at least one person will come into this thread and say something like "the prices you charge make YOU the real thief." Getting my thread closed by a moderator by starting a flame war doesn't help solve my problem.
Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
I can hear it now: "I'm sorry little April, I told you that if you didn't take good care of them I'd be taking them away. Now they are going to the lab to be abused for experimentation" (You could almost rewrite this as April caused the fire to get back at her father over it...)
Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome View Post
Powder I'd not defend him, that's just how he gets

International shipping assistance: DARTHCJJ@GMAIL.COM

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