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Originally Posted by Jephael View Post
You could compare TMNT with just about any fantasy property out there... Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, James Bond, Marvel, DC, Looney Tunes, Disney ect. and come up with comparisons in regards to reboots and popularity, but the bottom line is we're not the ones calling the shots. The studios that own these characters are. They could care less how we feel no matter how strong our opinions are.
Wait, we aren't calling the shots? Then what has this all been for? So much time wasted...
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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by Jephael View Post
I have photo albums full of pictures I had taken at San Diego Comic Con on three separate occasions that would prove otherwise.
Some whackadoos in cosplay prove nothing. Maybe the state of mental health of some.

"Most of us will not survive the 2020s or be shadows of our former selves." - Coola Yagami
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I'd argue that to some extent we call the shots, if there is enough money at stake that they care about over something fans are vocal about and may risk influencing wider opinions. Those PD movies certainly back peddled on some details because of it.
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any chance we see a leak of the new designs sometime this year?
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Originally Posted by Slash-Dash View Post
any chance we see a leak of the new designs sometime this year?
Possible, but we have no real clue.

I think a character designer was brought on-board about a year ago, which was announced on Twitter or something. A director was announced, what, a year and a half, two years ago? I don't know.

All depends on how smooth things progress. I mean, no one thought that silly little "Rise..." movie would be delayed this long.
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Regarding there being pretty much no children who were fans of the 2003 series, that wasn't my experience. I was born in 1998 and watched the 2003 series. All my friends watched the 2003 show. Unless you had cable in your house, every child went home and were all watching the same cartoons since we just had one channel that aired children's cartoons before school, after school and on Saturday mornings. My brother was born in 1995 and also has nostalgia for the series. We bought and still own the 2003 Shredder action figure. All my friends watched the 2003 series. I asked my friends who their favourite turtle was recently and they all were immediately able to give me an answer.

I started watching the the 2012 series in 2013. I really liked it and loved the first season. I watched the first 3 seasons with my brother but he got fed up with all the filler in season 3. I continued watching by myself and I have the entire series on DVD.

My brother and I re-watched the 2003 series at the weekends when he came home from college. I tried to re-watch the 1987 series (was airing around the same time as the 2003 series where I live) but lost interest since it is just much of the same over and over again. It's similar to Scooby Doo. I'll always tune in to Scooby Doo Where Are You? when it's airing on TV but I wouldn't be able to watch the entire series one episode after another. Yes, Scooby Doo Where Are You still airs where I live. I tried re-watching Pokémon as well but I couldn't stick with it. We also had He-Man and She-Ra airing when I was growing up. I watched both and I get a kick out of the Money Supermarket ads but I don't really have any attachment to either show. It's just to highlight that we don't get attached to every show that we watched as children.

We watched the Bay movies and gave it a chance but I did not enjoy them at all. I thought that the second one was even worse. I only saw the 2nd movie in 2021 because I had little interest after the first one. I also own the TMNT 2007 movie and the Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The latter movie was stocked in a shop that will just stock popular new DVD releases so they must have thought there would be a demand. Of course, they may have thought the demand might be for Batman.

I never knew about the 1990s movies until I started reading up on the 2012 series. I've only ever watched the first movie. I have to admit that the movie didn't really appeal to me. At least where I live, I don't know if they 1990s TMNT movies had much of an impact. I have never come across the movies airing on TV.

There is still a lot of nostalgia around. Most successful movies at the moment are reboots or related to an existing property. It can be seen with the new Spiderman movie. Even Sex and the City has a new series. Gossip Girl has a reboot. With all these things, they're hoping to attract new fans as well as draw in some old ones as well.

Pokémon is still a strong franchise. They just recently re-leased Diamond and Pearl which were the first Pokémon games that I ever played which was released in 2006. I had played my brother's Red and Silver on GameBoy Color but never played the whole game from beginning to end. It's pretty much the same thing over and over again, yet I've bought most Pokémon games. Like a lot of others, I was palying Pokémon Go. I re-watched the entire Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters with my brother which originally started airing in 2001. That nostalgia to re-watch was probably triggered by Yu-Gi-Oh abridged. My brother collects the cards and has made lots of decks. I've also watched some of 5D's, GX and Arc-V but haven't finished them yet. I was playing Duel Links every day for a long time and just recently stopped because the app doesn't work well with my phone anymore. I've also got back into Digimon. I bought the Digimon Tri movies following up on the children as teenagers and watched them with my brother who is living with his girlfriend and have their own dog. After that, we watched Digimon Last Evolution Kizuna together when the original children are now in their early 20s. I bought the first 3 seasons of Digimon and we're currently half way through the first season which originally aired in 1999. My brother has also started collecting Digimon cards and has a few action figures. I'm hoping that the 2020 Digimon reboot series will be dubbed. We also bought and re-watched the Watership Down series which originally aired in 1999. My brother also re-watched W.I.T.C.H. which first aired in 2004. It's only certain shows that will stick with us. There are a lot of shows that I'd watch again if they were airing on TV but I wouldn't seek them out and watch one episode after another.

My brother bought me TMNT Displates for my birthday. He bought me the first season of the 2003 series for Christmas along with Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu. I'm guessing he'll buy me the new Pokémon Diamond game for my birthday. I bought him Digimon figures of the originals in their rookie forms along with a game mat.

People aren't going to still have love for every show that they watched as a child but I believe that most people still have love for certain shows that they grew up with and might tune into something new related to it for curiosity's sake. I think that it's true for every generation that most people won't keep close track of every property that they loved as children. It's probably a minority who would do that so I don't think it's surprising that children nowadays aren't staying attached to everything they like. However, they probably will come back to some of these shows in the future.

I also think that 10 years is probably too soon for nostalgia to settle in for children since they're only teenagers at that stage. For me to get back into Digimon, it was closer to 20 years than 10 years. It didn't hit me when Lord of the Rings was 10 years old but it seemed crazy to me that the first movie was 20 years old last year. Yes, I watched those movies as they came out. We bought the action figures and still own them. I got into Star Wars when it was the 30th anniversary and those movies seemed so old to me. I won't find it until Lord of the Rings is 30 years old.

I also think that a 10 year anniversary won't be a big deal for a lot of people since they wouldn't realise that there was an anniversary. I didn't realise that it will be 10 years of the 2012 show until it was pointed out. It feels too early to be getting very nostalgic especially since it only finished airing in 2017. I did know that it was the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and I went to re-watch the movie in the cinema. I watched the reunion special and I'm currently re-reading the books. My dad keeps remarking that we're having a second childhood and he can't believe that we're watching cartoons again that we saw when we were children. All that we can say is it's nostalgia. We also point out that he grew up on westerns and would be re-watching The Virginian every day if it was airing on TV (which it was for a while). I guess, in conclusion, I think that it's too early to say that children who grew up on the 2012 show have no nostalgia. I'd also be inclined to think that most TMNT fans aren't on this forum. People can enjoy things without having a presence on the internet discussing it.

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