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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I think I was on both mailing lists, actually. I think my handle was "Axl4Ever71" back then. We go back a long way, you and I!
****, that sounds hella familiar. You know that all of NTML is archived, right?

Slight gear shift, but I know I, Andrew and Wildcat all like Ghostbusters II more than most people. Let's talk about that. Andrew, I've seen you say that you never knew you were "supposed" to hate GBII until the internet said so, and that was my experience as well. I'd love to hear more about your own experience with that movie, and then I'll share my own a little bit. Because when I was a kid, every GB fan was all about it. I was baffled when I found out most people give it low marks.
Eh, OK. So I would have been 8. Which sounds right, since I vividly remember watching Aliens in the theater when I had to have been 6.

I know I'd seen Ghostbusters 1 on HBO or Cinemax or something already, and definitely was big into the cartoon and toys, since I definitely remember pitting them against my TMNT toys in the bathtub and on the carpet in my room. But anyway.

Looking back on it all with a distorted lens... it seems like half as painful as watching TMNT III in 1993. Like, I really enjoyed Ghostbusters 2 as a kid. I walked out of it without even one complaint. Now, I can poke some holes (not huge ones)... but then? Not at all. Conversely, watching TMNT III in 1993, I remember leaving the theater not being excited about TMNT at all anymore... even at 12. Luckily -- literally -- there was a bookstore next to the theater. And it had, I think it was "BOOK III" of the collected Mirage black and white stuff. And it wasn't even the good stuff, but it was enough to stroke my young adult mind that had already outgrown the McTMNT™ stuff.
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