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Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
Isn't it amazing how we have to counter the fundamental office-manipulator with awkwardly formal statements like what you had to say there? It just shows how disingenuous and phony people are in most situations where it simply doesn't need to be that way.

This sort of formalized pushback that is actually rude that causes you to actually say "this will hurt my stomach and interfere with a prescription medication..."

Like... just that f'n sentence is like insipid nonsense that needs to be said to match the insipid nonsense that they deliver to you. In a normally operating world it's

"I'm going to take a sick day - I've got some stomach issues going on"
"Oh that's the worst, okay see you tomorrow. Feel better."

But instead it's a world of sheep in phony leadership positions who present these sort of formal statements of bull$#!( where you have to reply with more formal statements of bull$#!(. All to serve someone above you who is clearly a sheep because they don't know how to construct any thought outside of combative-rigid-formality-of-disdain. And it's even worse in places like retail and call center jobs were the call center "director" is.... you know... a real mover and shaker I'm sure. It's even weirder that you have to deal with that in any place of education or where you organize people.
Yeah, it is a bit bothersome that we do live in this type of world. People scared to ask for time off to get well and all of that. With the surgery I did last year, which I postponed to be a "good worker", I had to get incredibly personal with that and really didn't want to, but had no choice.

Also, as for my situation this past week, they were probably focused on numbers since others had called out, making them severely understaffed. Not okay, of course, but they still shouldn't be guilting employees for getting sick.
Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Or any source that isn't a tabloid, British no less.

Looks like Fox News' site picked it up 17 hours ago (as of this post), so this thread had it before they did. 23 hours ago.
Yeah...that's where I was going with that, you just got more into it. There's a lot of news coming out all of the time. It takes time for news outlets to pick them up since there's always something going on.
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So 8:15 this morning a book -- that traveled largely by a good ol' slow shipping partner -- scanned "accepted at destination" with USPS. Is my zip so that's probably the local post office, though it didn't say it was at the unit.

9:30 am, less than an hour later, it scans "arrived at unit" down state, where it normally would take over 1 1/2 hours, maybe closer to 2, to get there?? And that 55 min time frame even includes the time it takes to get back onto a truck after that prior scan, back off a truck and scanned into that other not only WHY did it end up down there, but how did it do it so fast?? USPS clearly has frigging portals, but only when they want to.

Really hoping that is somehow a glitch in the scan and it really is here still, not a post office down state. Is that even possible?

Grr. Was a seller I got two books from via eBay. Not shipped together for some reason, but both started in TN. One routed through Georgia, the other went to Texas, both on to the same location in PA then here...and now the one lagging behind kept going.

1/23 -- Anyone ever have anything come via shipping partner OrangeDS? Are they always super SLOW??

Ordered a bunch of used books off eBay on the 15th, all of them coming by shipping partners. (Yay, a race to see which slow shipping partner is the fastest! ) Excluding one wayward book, all the others from states farther away have shown up. Meanwhile the ones taking the longest and haven't budged on the tracking were picked up by shipping partner OrangeDS NEXT DOOR in New Jersey. Wtf.

Jesus Jersey.... it may only be a joke that you suck, but your shipping partner located there certainly does.

Apparently whoever Thrift Books uses is the best one, coming 6 days after ordering, so gold star to them, they win.

World of Books USA is the user of the Orange that couldn't roll down a hill in a hurricane...just fyi. I've bought from them before and if stuff is slow so be it, but not seeing it even move in tracking...come on. Are they being shipped by bike and the delivery person is traversing all of PA first before getting down here?

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