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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
That's a bit different. Your race/ethnicity is not something you can change/control. It's something inherent to you. While you could just suddenly decide to never play video games again from tomorrow on and thus would stop being a "gamer".
That's not really the point. You're not born believing in a certain religion either, you adopt it and your faith can change at any time. But my point is, that label is there to help differentiate groups of people. In this case, it's people who play games regularly or have a general interest in videos games, as opposed to what you described, being people who might have played Wii Sports once. The word gamer is just straightforward and to the point, hence why you used it in the title. We all understand what you mean by it and it's a lot less wordy than "older people who play video games as a hobby."
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