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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
The only problem I see is that these edited versions could become more common and then finding the unedited ones will be a hassle. Remember in the early DVD days when depending on the film it was sometimes difficult to find a widescreen release instead of fullscreen and that was annoying. But if we use the music analogy, it's definitely a lot more difficult to find edited versions of songs than unedited.
I highly doubt that. Finding DVDs and Blu-Ray's of the same movie isn't too hard at all. Amazon has the option to choose whatever version of the movie you want.

In my experience, finding uncensored music is never a hassle. More often than not it's the uncensored version that comes up first, aslong as you aren't watching from VEVO or anything like that.
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Originally Posted by ProphetofGanja View Post
Good. I wouldn't want my final product edited all to hell so that some person who says "heinie" can show one of these films to their kid, or watch it themselves, which is even more appalling
As I said in my last post, that's ultimately moot because Sony (and most/all other major studios) pretty much maims any film they'd produce into an acceptable movie, in their eyes. Nothing distributed on that level is the artist's creation anyways.

Like, what will some of these movies even be once they're sanitized? In the case of Ghostbusters, I can't see them removing much other than maybe the paranormal blowjob scene and that one time where Venkman says "prick" or whatever. Not exactly drastic changes, to be sure (especially since that BJ scene makes no sense since the scene that explained it was cut), but then again it seems so trivial that it's like, why edit it in the first place?
I've watched many a Ghostbusters TV edit. They can cut more than you would expect.

But who tf wants to see a sanitized version of Step Brothers?? I feel like that movie especially relied on the raunchy R-rated humor it contained. Without it, you just have a weird movie about two dudes who still live with their parents.


Edit: and Goosebumps is already rated PG! What more do they want??
Yeah. That one and the Spider-Man series really stuck out to me as puzzlers.

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