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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
You mean right wing. Nowadays the left is trying to make even going to the gym a right wing movement.

It seems nowadays a lot of simple common sense is right wing, while stuff like men being able to give birth is a left wing thing.
I was being a bit facetious when I said that. I'm only responding to the fact that people who don't agree with "fair play" are typically, in my experience, far right leaning.

The left has ALWAYS stood out because extremists are always making some wacky claims. I won't dispute that....I've seen and read some things.

The right doesn't seem as silly in that respect, however I find they want this list of rules, but don't want rules. Tend to call anyone who doesn't think like them a sheep (which I find a bit ironic), but follow a politician off a cliff if his/her thinking alignment is similar to thier own.

The extremes on both ends are something I struggle to understand.

Most of all I just find it kind of sad that we'd rather fight each other for control of a country full of people we apparently don't even like? *shrug*
Originally Posted by Benvenuto
Don't you mean 'asshole classic'?
Originally Posted by Kiwamu The Kappa View Post
Voting: pick which lies you think sounds best.
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