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There sure are a LOT of Heidi movies.

Yeah but which ones fits the feel of Heidi I guess?

grow up with Shirley Temple's version as a kid, but I know that one is no were NEAR close to the novel.

Jennifer Edwards version? made for tv?

The 1968 version in America is know for ruining a football game, but I heard its faithful? (Way before my time)

They had a more "Updated" one in the 70's with Heidi living in modern times, but I am not going for that.

Disney did have there own version in the 90's.

I have the 2005 and 2015/17? versions on dvd, and found them both pretty good. But I favor the 2005 version over the 2017.

Just wondering with all these Heidi movies, which one would you think is more true to the novel?
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I was always a fan of Heidi vs. Anne of Green Gables. I was kind of shocked that Anne of Green Gables was powered by lightning while Heidi was afraid of it. That was never present in any other incarnation of Heidi. The ambiguity of the ending was pretty lame, too. The fact that they both fall off a cliff into the sea and Anne just wanders off while Heidi is nowhere to be seen. Felt kind of anti-climatic.

Otherwise, fun movie.
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