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RIP Stan Kirsch

Stan Kirsch, best known as Richie Ryan in Highlander: The Series, has committed suicide. He was 51.
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Andrew NDB
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Heard about this yesterday. Very shocking. I'd seen him about 2 years ago at HLWW10 in Los Angeles... he had to leave early because of surgery on his neck. Seems like he's been living through a painful and worsening condition and wanted a way out.
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That's absolutely heartbreaking.

My thoughts are with his loved ones. I hope he will be able to rest in peace.
Originally Posted by Bry View Post
That was awful. Just... badly-written, badly-conceived, bad all around.

Ugh, this is so disappointing.
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Yooooooooooooooooooooooooo that was way too sick. Mad good. Maaaaad good.
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You can't even contribute anything worth a damn to threads you create.

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