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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Well, they didn't have to resort to that. They could've easily put a lot of FAKE letters in there, and I'm sure it wouldn't have been the first comic to do so in history. So credit should be given there.
Oh, I do think they tried that for a month or two first. Unless they got letters from our resident shills, but same difference.
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I am asking for some of us to write in, but I am asking that it not blast the political messages and woke nature, but a constructive criticism showcasing the wheel spinning and generic mutated citizens and question the pause of open plots. Anything that you find fault with
without anyone jumping in to claim prejudice. Maybe

I am sure like myself that others question the big deal the battle of the bands was in-story or an unrecognized mayor of Mutant Town, but the giant waste of space it really was as far as plot advancement. Perhaps the inclusion of characters that I wanted to see, but just throwing them in doesn't work and just as the characters that stick around like Mona Lisa, Lita, the pig mutant, the weasels trio,etc. are not built up or serve any story purpose.
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