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Watched the Zeo Serial after finishing MMPR and it's cool, this never aired where I lived but it would've gotten me super excited in fact as a kid I probably thought Power Rangers was cancelled as it got taken off the air after S3, I did find out about the other seasons not long after and even got to see a little of Zeo/Turbo but for the most part the franchise was dead. Dragon Ball and Video Games kept me from being too sad about it though The Zeo serial works fine I don't know why the wikis mention that it's non-canon because of A Zeo beginning, it can still fit, I mean what's PRs without retcons.

I got to see Zeo a little bit in the "Best of Power Rangers" on Disney when I got back to the franchise with SPD but of course they skipped a bunch of episodes but I remember loving it and how epic it felt. So far I'm 1/3rd through it and it's been really lackluster, the machine empire had this huge opening act but after that it's become generic motd plots more akin to the first season of MMPR the problem is none of the heroes/villains are as interesting as the first season and the episodes are a lot blander at least right now. S3 and even 2 had a lot of story arcs so it made them go "faster" so even if things weren't perfect things were changing constantly but not in Zeo. Rocky/Adam are indeed a little more likeable than in MMPR, Tanya makes no sense though, she has generic plots instead of focusing that she's in a different country/different time.. It's a bit ridiculous to see the Rangers still in High School though I wish that had been avoided and people wouldn't have questioned it but I guess now they're supposed to be freshmen in Season 1? The cast just looks too old for that still by that point, they looked like Seniors maybe Juniors in the first season.

Kim breaking up with Tommy deserved a three parter? wow, what's weird is their relationship wasn't even that developed outside of like 3 kisses in all three seasons together there was hardly much affection besides "good friends" or "they like each other" they never really showed signs of being in a relationship. But they bring Kat who'll replace Kimberly and even make a plot about how she'll steal Tommy away from Kimberly, a relationship all fans love and then barely a season later Tommy is now with her? They really played up the relationship in that 3 parter. I don't know why but I used to hate that Tommy ended up with Kat but now it's kind of fine with me even if I do prefer the Kim ship but we know the canon ship will always be Kat as they are seen together as old with a son whose a Power Ranger. Hilarious how Heather is used by both Tommy and Kat, the life of a rebound, ouch I feel bad for her though even if she looked so much older than the rest of the cast making it a bit creepy but man on man were the rangers the bad guys here and she was the victim, best episodes so far.

Tommy looks bored in a lot of episodes, it's nice seeing him in red though. The Zeo suits i hated for a long time but they grew on me and now they're some of my favorites. Hope the next few episodes do get better as I remembered and fans seem to agree that it's a great season.

I'll be watching Scorpion Rain to finish off the marathon, I should finish by the end of the week and just before school. Only two things I missed were the Bulk/Skull and Zedd's Halloween VHS specials since I couldn't find a copy to watch them anywhere.

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