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Some interesting info concerning Volume 3.4 (Shredder's Final Countdown) of the new TMNT show: it will include two never before seen episodes, episode 82:"Dragon's Brew"and episode86:"Bad Day". As well as episodes 77-79. In addition all packages will include a collectible TMNT postcard, two hundred however will feature original, signedl art by Peter Laird!

Starting August 18th, kids who buy any TMNT footwear by ES Originals at any local Payless Shoe Source, wil recieve an exclusive TMNT poster. In addition to the poster image, it also features the new 4Kids Season Four Fall*line-up*and a complete listing of all markets and channels that the Turtles can be seen across the country.

There will be plenty of TMNT events going down at HersheyPark(Hershey, PA) on Saturday August 20th (rain date: Aug 21st) 11am-5pm. The Turtles as well as the 4Kids TMNT team will be near the Roller Soaker in Midway America. The activity schedule is as follows:
TMNT Tattoo Station: 11am-5pm
Limited Edition TMNT Card Giveaway: 11am-5pm
Enter to Win an TMNT Prize Basket: 11am-5pm
TMNT “Mad Libs” Activity: 1pm-2pm
And, I don't know how I keep forgetting to drop this in, but Walmart is currently selling TMNT Bonus 2-packs.

[Thanks to tOkKa for the heads up]
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