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Cons, DVDs, Previews

Some more con appearances coming up, first off Kevin Eastman will be a guest at Wizard World Chicago (August 4th-7th). Also Peter Laird, Michael Dooney, Jim Lawson, Steve Lavigne and Eric Talbot will all be at the Canadian National Expo in Toronto, August 26-28.

4kids has announced that they will be putting out a new line of DVDs for their shows, including TMNT, called "DVDouble Shots" that will include "two of the most memorable episodes, hand-picked by the series’ original producers and writers, with input from the show’s most devoted fans" and retail for $3.99 to $4.99 (SRP) each.

Also, on Saturday August 6th Fox will be showing previews of all their shows including season 4 of TMNT. The previews will most likely be scattered between their cartoon blocks, so keep an eye out!

[Thanks to MikesPizzaShack, tOkKa and Torrant 2 for the scoop!]
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Nooooooooo. I don't care about the new tmnt on dvd. I love the show but it's not interesting to me.

I want news on season 3-9 for tmnt original one..
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I think they're supposed to show a half-hour-long sheak peek show this Saturday, too. I think it's on just before the Turtles, so watch for it, k?

Just thought I'd add MY 2 cents to the mix.

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