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Documentary featuring Michelan Sisti

Michelle Ivey shared this over facebook, so I figured I would share here as well.

A new documentary is in the works, and an idiegogo campaign has been launched

Throughout this documentary we'll follow Nancy and Michelan Sisti journey throughout their lives and struggles with finding a balance between their personal and professional lives.

Your support for this exciting project is needed to complete the documentary and give it a life on the film festival circuit.

The first allotment of money would go towards post production. After cutting down the content from 20 hours of footage to 2.5 hours of usable footage, I now need my editor to bring a non bias point of view to the film.

Once he has completed a final cut, I need to pay for a composer, sound mix and grade.

Any additional money will go towards festival submissions. Film festivals help spread the film to a wider audience and build prestige for the project. There is a three tier plan for the festival circuit. The first stage is to apply to academy qualifying festivals such as Tribeca, Sundance and SXSW.
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