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Originally Posted by snake View Post
I don’t know, I still enjoy his stuff as much as I always have. Everything recent from the Megaman episode on has been golden, and it seems like James is actually having fun doing them again. I still look forward to new episodes, and I always enjoy them. Doing the “angry” thing constantly is forced at this point, so the more professional tone of these episodes make the legitamately angry moments so much funnier in comparison.

Yeah, there’s no moments like trying to use the grappling hook in Batman Forever or “I CAN’T TOUCH THAT RED POT?”, but I still find it entertaining.
Yeah, I still enjoy him. Apparently he no longer plays the games and has a team playing the games and writing the script for him nowadays? I wouldn't know if I had never read that online, though. So far it's been working. The crowbar joke in the Dirty Harry episode was bad, though.

I'm glad James has more free time to work on other stuff and be with his family.

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Pretty much this, in the now. I enjoy Cinemassacre on a whole, especially now that the Silvermania gang have been absorbed. I've always liked those dudes, having two of my favorite Youtube outfits meld together is a rad thing. They mesh well.
I guess you're talking to the guys who occasionally show up in the James & Mike's Mondays videos?

Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
In response to Prowler's long post.

James may not be a huge youtuber by today's standards, but he was certainly one of the more revolutionary ones, if not the most during his time.

I might be wrong on this, but I am pretty certain that he is solely responsible for starting the "angry video game reviews" genre.

Also, when you compare the scale of Youtube back then compared to now, I think it could be argued that James was one of the biggest Youtubers of his time.

Heck, the Irate Gamer got his videos featured on the front page in 2007-2008, and he is the poor-man's version of AVGN

Just goes on to show how influential and big AVGN himself was, if his rip off managed to reach such popularity at the time.

His content is also timeless I would argue, in the sense that I still check out his old reviews from more than a decade ago, and still enjoy the ever living hell out of it.

Many Youtubers nowdays however, who became more popular than AVGN in terms of subscriber count, were just fads who faded out over a period of time, and are hardly remembered nowdays.

Atleast there seems to be a steady stream of AVGN (like the ones here on the drome) who have been fans for a decade (if not more), and continue to look back on his old stuff with fondness.

My favourite AVGN review of all time has to be Turtles 3, that will always be a classic for me.
Yeah, he pretty much is responsible for that.

Irate Gamer certainly ripped him off a lot. He was the only one other than James back then who had access to special effects and higher production values, and also the only one who also had some film making and editing experience. At the time, me and many others hated IG for blatantly ripping off AVGN and even getting featured on YouTube for a while, while AVGN got his channel removed a couple of times for whatever reasons. But now, looking back, I guess anyone else that had the same skills and resources as the Irate Gamer would have tried to become the next AVGN as well. A lot of people at the time wer doing the angry gamer shtick, and they ALL got some hate from AVGN fanboys for being heavily inspired by him. Irate Gamer was the least original of the bunch, and ironically became the most popular of the bunch. Plus, in the first couple of IG videos he made, I doubt he even dreamed of becoming as notorious as he did, so I guess we cant' really hold it against him for his earliest reviews being a bit similar to the ones by James.

A lot of the people from back then are forever grateful to James, and even in a roast they did for him some years ago, Brental Floss said "this man was an inspiration to all of us".

I agree that his old videos are still fun to watch.

Well, who knows if some of the hottest YTers these days will be remembered several years from now on. Maybe in a decade or so no one will care about pewdiepie anymore, who knows.

I guess James was just destined to be a pioneer and not someone who stays on the top for several years. Nothing wrong with that, though. The big video game fans will forever remember him, at least a sizeable portion of them will. Plus. James is not a person who likes to get into drama and obnoxiously forcing himself into everything, so I'm not surprised he's not as big as some other guys out there. Even his social media accounts feel very down to Earth. He doesn't go around acting like a loudmouth or anything. He sticks to games, movies and such. He conducts himself professionally, and that's part of what makes him so likeable and his fanbase so loyal. If James was a jerk, I'm sure he'd have lost a lot of fans by now. He seems like a genuinely decent fellow and nothing about him says that he might be an asshole deep down.

And lastly, he focuses on retrogames. People mostly want the new stuff out there, so it makes sense they'd prefer YTers who play current games than those who review old games, a lot of them bad and/or obscure.

It's a bit odd to see him reviewing PS2 or Xbox games. Sonic 06 in particular was a 360 game iirc. I think talking about how bad Sonic 06 is in 2017 or so is a bit way too late. We're talking about a game that got a lot of bad press and reactions online back when it came out, and not a bad game that came out in a time where the internet wasn't even a thing yet. So by 2017 I don't think criticising Sonic 06 had much of an impact anymore. Plus, a part 2 for the episode as unnecessary, imo. But oh well, still entertaining enough.
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I’d like to see a source on the “he doesn’t play the games anymore” thing.
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Originally Posted by snake View Post
I’d like to see a source on the “he doesn’t play the games anymore” thing.
I read it somewhere on the internet recently. I think it was through a google search that took me to Cinemassacre's sub-reddit or something? Someone basically said that. Maybe I'm not remembering it well enough or someone was BSing. Who knows.
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sumac vs leo656

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