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Jetpack Joyride (crossover)

Back in September of last year, a TMNT crossover with the "Free-to-Stat +MicroTransaction" Halfbrick Studio's game Jetpack Joyride was announced. I have no idea when it actually launched, but there was a Tweet this week that seemed to introduce most people to it:

So far as I can tell, the TMNT content is locked behind paywall requiring real-world money. If you want to scoop up everything in one transaction, it will cost $29.99.

Playable "characters" (the game seems to classify them as "clothing") include the four turtles and April (all in their Fred Wolf cartoon style), and unlockable packs/vehicles are Mutagen Ooze Jetpack, Pizza Jetpack, Sewer Surfboard, Mouser, and the Cowabunga Carriage (that's a new one).



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