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I've been a sucker for the classic pepperoni and cheese style. Over the years, other toppings I've enjoyed include black olives, sausage, ham, bacon, and extra cheese.
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Puffballs ARE mushrooms. The big white ball-shaped ones that grow wild in fields pastures and sometumes on peoples' lawns. Kids sometimes kick them to watch them "explode". They burst open in a "puff" of spores that look like smoke when fully mature but when they are still firm and white inside they are edible and quite tasty! You can chop them into little chunks or slice them like a regular mushie, but the flavor and texture are different. Less chewy, less "earthy", and more delicate. Like a soft bread almost when cooked. I have sauteed them a couple of times with garlic, lemon pepper and butter and they were delish. I would like to try them on a pizza sometime instead of regular mushrooms- or maybe stuffed as a side dish.
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I love pizza toppings but also just plain old classic cheese pizzas which is my favourite in pizza hut. Infact, my local joint introduced a new variant of classic cheese with garlic and aioli sauce for no extra cost!
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