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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
June Sales:

TMNT #70: 12,748
TMNT #71: 12,567
TMNT Universe 11: 9,882

Sales are on the decline but TMNT is still IDW's best selling franchise of everything else they have. TMNT outsold everything else IDW put out that month.

Don't know why sales are dipping so fast though, especially for Universe. Maybe they need to re-tool Universe going into next year since its dropped below 10,000 sales already.
I'm somewhat of a casual fan when it comes to TMNTU. Last one I picked up was #11 and it's still waiting to be read.

Off the top of my head I think I have picked up issues 1,2,5,6,7,8,11. What has stopped me from preordering is a combination of multi issue arcs such as #12 being 1 of 4. And the art style. That's what really turned me off from 9&10 was the look combined with the multiple issues. The most memorable to me for art/story has been 5,6,7,8.

Aren't 12-15 basically a Karai mini-series? I like the one and done issues. Keep the multi-parters for the ongoing and the various mini series releases and do something with the art and I'm tempted to be a preorder TMNTU ever issue guy.
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Originally Posted by dl316bh View Post
We don't get digital sales numbers - they're kept close to the vest for some reason - but it's been suggested from time to time by vague statements from different companies that they're generally not enough to boost flagging or low sales, so I don't think about them much in regards to this sort of thing.
its actually a good chunk. If you go back through this thread I found a source showing the percentage of comic book sale that are digital. From there you just do simple algebra to find out the probable total sales of books for TMNT.

When I did it last time which i posted in this thread as well I think it was roughly 17 or 18k in sales
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It's hard to skip Universe when all the issues contribute to the main story. The only "filler" issue was the Wyrm one, everything else is basically the same thing as the main series.
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That Wyrm story was pretty awesome though!
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Yeah, the only Universe story I didn't care so much was the recent one with Dreadmon. It was just ok, but it was obviously just there as set-up for a future Null arc that hasn't happened yet.
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