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The question is "What is it worth to you?"

- Wise old man.
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this is one book I cant wait to dive into when I get home. I almost had it sent to me out here but I have so many books here now I just decided to send it home.
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IDW is selling this book signed by Kevin Eastman on Indiegogo with options of headsketches if anyone is intere$ted:
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Should be interesting to see what they do, as nine people managed to pledge for eight spot on the "four turtles" art pieces. Bug that I know in Indiegogo's interface that can allow this, happened on another project I backed, three of us went for a perk level that only had one copy available, and all three of us were able to pledge at it (we did it zero dot when the campaign launched).
Lie with passion and be forever damned...
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