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The Great Saiyaman
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I bought the DVD.

I still cannot bring myself to watch it in full. It's THAT cringe worthy!

One thing I detest in real life is people breaking things for the sake of "We have got get our mission done no matter what!" And the Turtles did nothing else but that.
- The chase in the Hotel Lobby which led to Bullhop being mutated. The Poor guy was trying his hardest to keep everything from breaking as the Turtles keep throwing stuff all over the place in pursuit of the Oozesquito.
- Leo and Mikey Demolishing Signor Hueso's pizza place because they were in competition with each other.
- I was rooting for Harold/Stinkbomb in "How to make enemies and bend people to your will" a simple "I dare you to smell this" challenge does NOT justify the sheer destruction that the Turtles and the Foot Clan unleashed on the Botanical gardens. Stinkbomb did the ultimate "GET OFF OF MY LAWN!" on them, simply because he wanted everything to be neat and tidy and wouldn't stand for all the destruction.
"I reject your reality and substitute my own."
- Adam Savage, "Mythbusters"
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Andrew NDB
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Definitely no interest in ever watching this. I doubt my daughter would even do anything less than scoff at this. I showed her a trailer for the series once a year ago and she said it looked "babyish." And she's 12. I guess this really is for like 5 year-olds (to note, I exposed her to TMNT 2012 at age 4 and she loved it through about 6-7). It's true.
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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Well, to Nick's credit, they did let the Batman vs TMNT thing happen? Though it's pretty obvious it's a product of someone else doing something with them and Nick just saying "okay." If they'd do that more, that would be best.
Yeah, I liked that Batman vs TMNT movie when it came to the TMNT, myself, though you do raise a good point that maybe Nick wasn’t terribly involved with it...
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Team Blue Boy
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Originally Posted by The Great Saiyaman View Post
I bought the DVD.

I still cannot bring myself to watch it in full. It's THAT cringe worthy!
You are a kind soul putting money in that show's tin cup.

Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
And she's 12. I guess this really is for like 5 year-olds
Bad thing is, there is no way in HELL my nephew, who is 4, will be seeing this one anytime soon and a year from now is probably also out of the question.

Shows like this rely SO heavily on that hyper sugar rush style, there are some kids (and the adults who have to deal with them) who it just literally isn't good for. This kid is rarely even allowed to watch Paw Patrol and other more hyper preschool age shows because they get him him too wound up and acting out. Good god WTF would Rise do? I do not even want to know. We prefer the walls of our home remain intact.
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Yeah, kids like that watching the action will likely encourage them to pick up the nearest item like a broom to knock stuff over like Donnie the adrenaline junkie.

Kinda want Nickelodeon to take a break off animated TV series for a while and let it cool off. Would love to see more animated films like Batman VS TMNT. Wonder if they could make a deal with Warner Bros/DC and do some comic adaptation films.
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