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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Action/Adventure/Comedy, I guess?

I mean, the protagonists literally dispatched the bad guys by whipping pizza at them on more than one occasion, and many if not most of the climactic fight scenes were accompanied by numerous piss-taking zingers that would make any Marvel movie blush. They once KO'ed Bebop and Rocksteady by making them smell their own feet, for crissakes.

There are lots of action and adventure elements for certain, but I agree that the show was predominantly comedic in nature. Whereas, say, Biker Mice From Mars, which I'd never seen at all until recently, would be more like an action/adventure show with occasional comedic elements, while TMNT would be a comedic show with action/adventure elements. If that makes any sense. Like you said, huge chunks of the dialog were either a pun, a zinger, or expository information. Not all, but very much of it.

And for those who might not "get it", none of this is an "attack", merely an observation/statement of fact. This shouldn't need to be explicitly stated, but apparently it does.
I am sure if you didn't wash your fight in years, you would be koed also.
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